I am attractive, elegant, Asian, slender, naturally cruel female.

I am firm and mischievously persuasive.

I am very high maintenance so I expect to be treated like a goddess at all times. Due to time-wasters MY time is no longer free.

My voice is really sweet and so soft like me..........

FIND ME ON TWITTER: https://twitter.com/RosannaMistress

Sometimes I will do things purely to be a bitch. I sometimes do things for no reason other than because I can. Sadism is more than just leaving red marks on you, sadism is about hurting you physically and emotionally.

I enjoy corporal punishment for its own sake, not as a consequence of actions, attitude or behavior.

I am not here for you. You are here for me. I do not think of you as a slave.

A slave is something useful. Calling you a slave implies that you have worth in yourself.

Understand that, and you are halfway to serving me.

I am also incredibly selfish, and expect any slave who wants to play with me to not only appreciate that, but to live with it.

I will learn about you, to find more ways to manipulate you.

Your suffering is my art form. Your pain is my music. Your desire is my power. My beauty is your tragedy.

Messages sent to me should be longer than 15 words or else they will be ignored and deleted.

I get a lot of requests to deal with slaves in Europe and to join parties in Europe so am laying out a few conditions.

  1. You will cover my travel costs in advance.
  2. You will cover my hotel costs in advance.
  3. Type and length of session will be discussed and limits agreed.
  4. Tribute for session will be discussed deposit required.
  5. If you cant do this why should I give my time to you?
  6. I expect courtesy and good manners above all else is that clear??

I like people who can read, understand the content and take it into the account before dropping me the same boring line as thirty others in a message which I delete.

I do not suffer fools gladly and have no patience for idiots.

Don't waste my time messaging me telling me how beautiful I am or how much you want to serve me, well of course you do but I know that already.

Be polite and respectful at all times. If I hear the slightest thing that sounds like you making demands of me or my time I will be very disappointed and there will be no further contact at all.